Our hunting territory is situated hunting section of Koigi county, Päinurme, Järvamaa. We organize chase hunts and pass hunts. Hunts are kept for wild boar, elk, goat, hare, beaver, raccoon dog and fox. The hunting service includes hunt organization and accommodation in Sinso Lodge with catering. Recommended length of the hunting package is considered to be 2 hunting days, therefore from Thursday to Sunday. Friday will be tower-hunt and Saturday (if there is a hunting season 01.10-28.02) chase hunt. In case of request there will be longer term packages and other forms of hunts. In addition we offer transport Tallinn-Sinso Lodge-Tallinn. In case of request there is also possible to make a trophy.

NB! In order to hunt, you would have to have a gun, hunting licence and permit to carry a weapon.Those who come to hunt with us, must send to a hunt organizer copies of their EU hunting passports, permit to carry a weapon and hunting certificate. Those documents must be presented at least 15 days before hunt.


  • Wild billy goat


  • Wild goat and lamb


  • Elk


  • Wild boar 

(through the year)

  • Beaver