Sinso Lodge is located in Mid-Estonia, Järvamaa. Our farming complex has an accommodation house with 8 rooms. We have established a separate house for catering, comforts of sauna and intelligent conferences. We have put in order and deepened an old bond, so you can dip into that during hot summer and remember ice-skating in cold winter. On the shore of that bond we have built a comfortable summer-kitchen where you can have a nice barbeque, show off among you fellow hunters about your hunting adventures and even held a dancing party, if there is a wish. All the tourists are most welcome to our lodge. You can come with your firm to have an intelligent conference in our conference hall or you can held your firm`s summer days or you can just take you friends and come. And most of all, we wait for you, hunters, to come because we have many things planned especially for you. COME TO VISIT US!